20 Effective Strategies to Promote your hotels on internet #Social Media

How to manage and enhance the presence of a hotel on the Internet: social media marketing and blogging

There is a lot of social networks that exist today are regarded as a great means of communication and especially as a tool layers to facilitate and promote interaction with our community (followers, fans and / or potential customers).
So the question arises me to start this post is:

ARE THEY A TRUE consciousness is taken into the hotel sector of the great marketing tool at hand?

Years ago, before the web 2.0 , a promotion on the Internet for our hotel, become complicated and not sufficiently beneficial, why not assimilated as many hotel companies own these shares. The problem in my opinion , lay mainly in that that online customer was basically a taxable person who received the information or published without too many possibilities exist to generate interaction. By the hotels, most of these actions were limited to sending press releases, catalogs or offers through the mail. Having customers ‘ personal information in our database, it was not sufficiently valued. But …
Today, thanks to the web 2.0 and especially with the advent of social networks, this way of doing things has been in history. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc. helped things changed, becoming great allies for generating opportunities in the network and to enhance the presence of a hotel on the Internet.
There is no longer much need to ask customers their contact information. If we have a presence on these social networks, we also have the opportunity to interact with our fans, whether they are customers, potential customers or just fans and to know firsthand exactly what they need. And without asking, because they themselves provided to us this data.
So to try to improve and enhance the presence of a hotel on the Internet with the help of social networks, there would be some simple tips that you should consider.
It should first be pointed out that “Followers” are all those who have subscribed to our updates on social networks and share information with us about their likes, interests, travel, personal or work situations, etc. Therefore, if we remain vigilant and take care of our fans, we can create lasos between them and our hotel, through interaction and where necessary to provide our services.

20 Tips to improve the Search presence of a hotel on the Internet with social media and blogs

Promote the presence of the hotel in social networks: first you need to get performance on social networks are followers . And for fans , your hotel has to be disclosed. So if you have not yet done, add to your corporate website and / or blog to the hotel, the buttons “follow me” or “share” of different social networks where they are present. Also add them in the email signature, both the hotel and the staff who work there.

 Create a blog: 
20 Effective Strategies to Promote your hotels on internet #Social Media

I hope you are , and if you have not I advise you to think. It is a very good tool that can be used by your hotel as the main platform to create and distribute content on social networks.

 Define what will your audience:  
Has the blog Who is it for? and you Twitter account, Facebook page, your videos and photos … Having a good idea of what will be our target customer, it makes it very easy to plan our actions and create content.
 Share the contents of the blog:  
Have the blog linked to different social networks, usually a good idea. People who follow your hotel in social networks is interested in what they do, or at least they have and share.
 Ends the post with a call to action : 
This is usually a good way to generate more comments, because it encourages your followers to give their opinion and thus get a better feedback.
 Share additional content to the blog : 
It is important for your hotel’s presence on social networks is active and evolve, to share information additional to that of your blog post interest.
 Share content from third parties:  
To present content generated by other people or companies, not only will help you in times of low inspiration, but consciously or unconsciously generate synergy with them, that would benefit both. Get some help to maintain their activity and the other, make themselves known outside their environment.
 Easy to use your content: 
It is closely related to the previous point. Providing the HTML code of your infographics ( where you ‘ll include your contact information ), to free access to your photos or videos, etc., always usually a good idea that will help in the task of publicizing the brand your hotel on other networks.
 It includes social buttons:  
As we discussed above, these should be in any content that produces or share your hotel “like“, “share” or “TweetMe” . These buttons cause people outside your environment gets to know you and can become a new follower.
 Links your You Tube videos: 
Can include at the end of each video link to the web, blog or social networking profile of your hotel. It is best to always include the end of the video itself that in the description. Thus if the video is embedded somewhere the link is maintained, giving the opportunity to other people to get to know your hotel.

20 Effective Strategies to Promote your hotels on internet #Social Media
Note to Pinterest, Instagram or Flickr are social networks that can store, sort, search and share photos and videos online. These are an ideal way to promote visual content generated by your hotel window.
Make promotions: 
You can offer the products or services your hotel with some sort of promotion or launch a competition to encourage the creation of opportunities. These contests or promotions, are very common in social networks and are widely accepted. Focused properly, become an interesting way to attract followers.
 Ask their wish:  
Ask your followers your opinion, can help improve your hotel while providing you a clearer idea of their tastes and needs.
 Take every opportunity:  
Find the way that to participate in promotions or access surveys do your hotel, we talked about above, they have to download any of your catalogs, bringing new fans or something similar ( use your imagination ).
 Facebook applications:  
There are lots of them, why not use them ? You can generate them more options than you only give your page or wall.
 Create a Contact Form on your Facebook Pages:  
There are applications that can help you in this. This form is a good place where your fans can ask you questions privately or even directly make reservations, the hotel will receive by mail.
 Create a profile or business page on LinkedIn :  
You can create a business profile or company information page, we can complete all data about products, services, job opportunities and philosophy of our hotel. It is certainly an option to provide greater visibility and promote our business in the professional fields. And of course you can not forget to include in your status updates, a link to your website or other social networks where you are present and which can expand your information.
 Involve all your employees:  
In previous post we talked about the importance of all employees of a hotel company to be involved with the Community Manager ,  because it is they who really know best the bowels of the business and know the strengths on which should develop a proper and satisfactory management of social networks to make the most of and benefits to our presence.
 Be patient, start slowly:  
In these cases is always best to start taking one or two, well attended, social networking blog working with the hotel, a subtle presence in many of them. Over time and when things vallan aimed, reapers will give your same tracks in which you combine another room.
 Work every day:  
The more quality followers have your hotel in social networks also have more opportunities to do business. He works every day a little in your relationships in the network and try to increase your contacts.
These tips will not guarantee success, but it sure can help you to how to promote hotel on social media & improve your presence on social networks.


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