10 Tips and tricks to make your computer or laptop perform faster

how to make computer faster Windows vista XP 7 , 8 , 10

Surely you’ve ever seen someone, yourself even desperately hitting your desktop or laptop to try to get it to go faster or prevent it from collapsing at the first hurdle when trying to open more than two programs or tabbed browser simultaneously. Unfortunately as you know, it is something that is useless, which does not prevent has already become an all too familiar scene in many offices and homes.
And, as spend a few months of purchase of our team, not to mention several years in the case of many companies, their performance usually begins to rapidly decline, a trend that is increasing exponentially as they pass the weather.
Still, with good equipment maintenance, some time, and follow a few simple tips, you’ll get your computer or laptop go faster and improve its performance , maintaining its good performance for longer , even though you have several years of life. You dare? Then Read more..
Uninstall unnecessary programs you no longer use
Uninstall unnecessary programs you no longer use
Day after day throughout the life of a computer, it is normal to accumulate hundreds of programs , many of which have only used once or twice and even many others who probably did not know were installed (in many cases as garbage software installed in parallel to another we have downloaded or, very common, because it came as standard with the PC).
Although they are not always implemented, these programs also slow your hard drive, open secondary processes that consume RAM resources without contributing anything in return.
It is therefore appropriate to review what we have installed software and uninstall those that are not useful to us . To do so, if you’re using Windows, go to the options “Add and Remove Programs” in the “Control Panel” , check the whole list, and select “Uninstall or Remove programs” programs you no longer use simply do uninstall now.

Optimize Windows startup by eliminating secondary tasks

Optimize Windows startup by eliminating secondary tasks
Does Windows takes to load much longer now than when you bought your computer? If we consider the operating system remains the same (saving the extra memory that can consume the updates that you have installed), that extra time so exasperating is usually caused by the many tasks running simultaneously to start our computer or laptop .
And many programs automatically added processes at the start of the operating system so that later, when accessing their services, they run faster. A good cause, although the proliferation of this type of process ends slowing down (and do not see that way) computer boot.
Therefore, we analyze which of these tasks really need to run on the boot with Windows. To view the complete list of these processes enters the “Task Manager” , find the tab “Home” , and eliminates those processes that do not want to run and it is hindering their performance and  preventing your computer or laptop go faster

Delete temporary files from Windows

Deletes temporary files Windows
Imagine a home where you live for more than 30 years. In all that time, you’ve accumulated hundreds of unnecessary items that once made you favor or you were useful but, if you did a general cleaning, immediately would throw away.
It is the same in the case of your computer or laptop: Windows stores thousands of temporary files that at some point we needed but no longer have any function and can be removed without any problems, saving not only space but also long it would take our team to review all the data.
The folder that stores these files usually located on the hard drive you have installed in our OS, usually through the path ‘C: / Windows / Temp‘.
In the event that our PC is used by more than one user, each will have its own folder for temporary data, accessible through C: / Users /’ NAME ‘/ AppData / Local / Temp‘. All of them can be eliminated without flinching for a second. If you use Windows 10, also you can do as follows .
If this step is choking you or would you rather have a “partner” that will lend a hand in this task, provided you install a program that helps you delete all unnecessary files from your computer or laptop , ie ‘Ccleaner‘.

Disable visual resource-intensive options

Disable visual resource-intensive options

From Windows Vista to Windows 10, the visual appearance of windows and animations running when switching from one task to another are spectacular and have become a real hallmark of the new versions of the operating system … but at the cost to consume more resources and therefore, to make our portable computers are not as fast they should .

In the event that your computer or laptop go slower than usual, one of the most effective and immediate tricks is to disable all of these effects and return to the basic theme of Windows . You only need to click the right button of your mouse on the “Desktop” , select “Custom” and then choose the basic theme. The change will be immediate.

Another interesting option is to turn off all the animations, thus you get your computer go faster . To do this go into the options “Accessibility” of “Control Panel” Once there , select “Activity Center” and “Facilitating the use of equipment” , inside you will find and you can disable the option “Turn off all unnecessary animations” .
Regularly defragments your hard disk

Regularly defragments your hard disk

It is the hardest but one of the key necessary to ensure the proper functioning of our hard disk . And that defragment your disk helps us all files sort properly on the surface of the unit , disjointed data is deleted and the time that our team need to read, write and access the data store is reduced.

Windows brings a tool to defragment our hard drives, which are accessible, among other ways, by right – clicking on the drive you want to defragment, then click on Properties and select the tab “Tools” .

Be sure to close all programs before running this service , which will last a couple of hours, depending on the capacity of your units and the selected option.
Opting for lighter antivirus

Opting for lighter antivirus

We will not recommend that you uninstall your antivirus but to analyze how many resources consumed. Thus, the solutions most complete and advanced security market also tend to be those that consume more RAM through several processes running in the background and that can make your computer take longer to open any other program.

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Therefore, it should consider other alternatives antivirus and lighter firewalls (including tool in the cloud, which do not require any installation) and that while renouncing maximum protection, allow our computer or laptop increase performance and recover the vividness of yesteryear.
Internet: a great performance ballast

Internet: a great performance ballast

Today, not a computer be understood without an Internet browser. Whether Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox ,these browsers store temporary files pages we have visited, cookies and history. All this translates into data that take up space and make our browser take longer to open . In turn on and extensions can be very useful, but also require additional RAM memory to be loaded.
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In the zone configuration each of the browsers that count we can eliminate all these files and disable extensions and add- ons or configure how much data you want to collect our browser.

If none of the above works, get a hard drive SSD

get a hard drive SSD

Carrying out all the tricks to improve the performance of your desktop or laptop before you have probably managed to go a little faster. But if, on the contrary, have not experienced a substantial improvement, the first thing that comes to your head could expand the RAM.

A good solution, although in many cases this is not possible, it is very expensive or simply not as efficient. We , on the contrary, given current prices, we recommend that you do with a hard disk or solid state drive SSD, you can get from just over 20 USD . This disc no moving part allowing some time reading and writing a lot faster, up to 5 times better than a traditional HDD hard drive.

Depending on the capacity of the disc, it is advisable to use the SSD to install the operating system and main programs , leaving the data storage disk drive traditional , usually larger capacity.

I hope by following these simple steps you will know how to make computer faster windows vista , xp , 8 ,10 if you find this article useful don’t forget to Share with your friends


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