Vodafone Unlimited 3G Trick with HammerVPN May 2016 

  • Performing different ways to access the network, we have encountered a new configuration Hammer May VPN with which we assure you from entering into any web from their mobile android , free. We know that many can not access the Internet but is by hiring a data plan or package in your android, that is our main reason with which every day we look for new configurations for you folks.

Hagan is android configuration terminals to access the network, in the company of Tigo, as it has a few simple changes in its interface, which will have to perform on it. This setting does not take them long, plus the connection is so fluid that much enjoy all the benefits browsing internet on android 2016 free .


  • Speed upto 700 Kb/sec 
  • YouTube supported 
  • In performing this method, you need not have any credit on your android device, otherwise I fully consúmanlo then proceed to use the setting to have free internet in May 2016.
  • Do not install or have installed the Adblock or Adfree as they are not necessary in this method also only cause connection errors in mobile.
  • They must have a line of the company Tigo.
  • They have to do the procedure in a place where there is a good network signal, otherwise it will not establish connection to any server.
  • Most android terminals come with current versions, but if the mobile with which count is less than the 4.0 version, should rootearlo. Since this method works on phones with higher than the 4.0 version .
  • You need to have an android with a 3G or LTE connectivity , the method works best with these types of devices.


HammerVPN 5.6+mod (9.4 MB) 


  • easier configuration than the other applications they already know, a few simple steps where we believe that many of you will no longer be any obstacle to connect to the network. Remember activate mobile data within the mobile android.
  • After downloading the Hammer VPN application, install and edit as follows.
  • Select a server.
  • Rport : 53
  • Lport : 44
  • ICMP
  • Dan click Remenber Me
  • At the end select Connect

  • We leave this picture with the settings already made.
  • I trust this application – OK
  • It takes a few seconds to connect, and leave them ready icon at the top of mobile.
  • Noticing the little key on the android, can already be sure to have free internet access , enter now in your mobile browser and enjoy browsing social networks like Facebook, Instagram or other known. They can also join YouTube where they can download many of the videos that are published daily, whether music, science or other subjects that need or to your liking.
If you have any problems during the execution of this tutorial, you can leave your questions in the comments, we will give them a quick solution to all your problems.
Enjoy Unlimited free 3G on Vodafone
Note: Try this trick with 3 Days data pack, or low Main balance