After successfully lauching Amma idlis, vegetables, drinking water and salt, Amma is reportedly on the lookout for other products she could Amma-genize. After brain storming with her advisers, the AIADMK supremo has come up with the following list of products/services that might soon dot the streets of Chennai. AMMA’s incredible products

Ammadent Toothpaste

  • Now teeth-care is affordable! Amma will follow the launch of this product with a law that will make brushing teeth compulsory.
  • Amma  toothpaste will be available 2017 onwards.
    Ammadent toothpaste
    AmmaDent toothpaste 2017

Amma Washing powder

  • Now every Chennai peoples can get with amma washing powder.
  • Amma washing powder cost is affordable just Rs500
  • Amma Washing machines will be launched soon

Amma Washing powder

Air Amma

  • Air Amma is one of the best product from Amma
  • This  flight also  run in highways. 
  • Pick up passengers from Busstand
  • Amma is all set to shake up the aviation sector.
Amma flight

Amma Balm

  • DMK leaders give you a headache? 
  • Amma balm is here. Ore  Amma Balm  thalai vali neekidume. 
  • Ore Amma balm

Amma balm

Amma All Clear shampoo

  • Now a days  in  Chennai flood everyone is goes to swim pool (flood) 
  • By using Amma All Clear, avoid 10 types of hair loss problems
  • Chennai-ite will sport silky smooth hair.

Amma all clear

AmmaMix ayurvedic soap

  • AmmaMix always doctors choice
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands with AmmaMix ayurvedic soap.
Ammamix soap


  • Amma mail is very useful for Tamilnadu business mans &  Students
  • Amma’s mail promises even more storage space!
  • 30 GB cloud storage guaranteed
Amma mail


  • will blast all online shopping markets. 
  • Ammazons features and offers are unbelievable
  • Amma will soon storm the e-commerce space as well and give Flipkart a run for its money.


  • Tamilnad’s biggest social media
  • Register to Amma’s social networking service. Amma has done away with the “Like” button and instead introduced the “Prostrate” button.


  • Amma’s own train ticket booking service complete with a customized “Service unavailable” page.
  • This product is currently in maintenance


  • Want to find your way to the nearest Amma’s unavagam to feast on delicious 1 rupee idlis? Log on to Ammato!


  • Step aside iPhone. Say hi to AmmaPhone.
  • Wil be in your home soon
Amma phone

Amma Johns Pizza

  • If you are sick of eating Amma’s 1 rupee idlis, you could try Amma’s pizzas for a change…

AmmaBucks Coffee

  • …and wash it down with Ammabucks premium (but cheap) coffee.


  • Looking for just a quick bite? Walk into the nearest McAmma’s and grab a McAmma burger!