IDEA working unlimited 3G/2G FinchVPN configurations

Hello trickspro users. Today I’m back with some working vpn configurations for IDEA

For Pc users:
  • Uninstall the FinchVPN if you are already installed (delete including data) 
  • Download FinchVPN setup 
  • Install it on your pc
  • Run it
  • And Exit the App
  • Download Idea unlimited 3G configurations
  • Extract the config files to c:\programfilesFinchVPNconfigurations
  • Now Open FinchVPN
  • Your configuration will be updated to FinchVPN 
  • Now set TCP 443 in FinchVPN 
  • Click Connect 
  • Thats all! 
  • Enjoy free browsing on IDEA

Note: First try without Main balance. If not connect try with  small data pack

For mobile users:
  • Download DroidVPN 2.7
  • Protocol TCP
  • Port settings 
  • TCP Port 443
  • UDP 137
  • Enable HTTP headers 
  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:
  • Save these configurations 
  • Tap connect button
  • Enjoy