Bypassing security code on Nokia using emergency number 100% Working 
Hi friends,  today i have found a awesome method to bypass the Nokia Mobile security code

Steps to Bypass security code
  • Get your security code protected Nokia  Mobile 
  • Press  911 or 112 on keyboard
  • Now you will  see the number on screen 
  • Now  press  call button
  • Wait for  2 or 3 seconds 
  • Then disconnect call by pressing Red button
  • Now your device will be unlocked for 2 or 3 secs
  • Now you can  navigate  mobile  to anywhere
  • After  2 secs  it will be locked again
  • Repeat the above Steps  for unlock device for  more  3 secs
  • By using this trick  you can see your friends personal stuffs and messages  🙂 
  • Enjoy! 
Have any doubts watch Video tutorial
              Bypassing security code on Nokia.mp4  (5.6MB)