1. Firstly You Have To recharge 2G Unlimited Internet Pack On Airtel (rs 199 in Tn, cost depends on States)
2. Now You Have To recharge A Small 3G Pack To Get 3G Speed.(rs 9 – 25mb, cost depends on States)
3. By Doing 2G Unlimited And Then 3G Pack This Will Convert 2G Unlimited Into 3G Unlimited !
4. Now Open SmsBox And Create a Message
Add To 121
5. You got a sms that number are added in your family Member. then install HSS ( hotspot Shield ) VPN and connect via United State ( US ) Server and use more than your 3G Pack’s Data.
You will get 3G/4G Speed now you Can Download Unlimited. After Finish 3G data Validity make a more 3G pack and get again 3G speed that validity.