Let’s Follow Below Steps:- 

* Create New Account In Your-freedom 

Download Your-Freedom VPN (download it only from here)
* Now Open Account Information in your-freedom And Put your user details 

* Open Your-Freedom And Click “Configure” 

* Click – Connection 
Your freedom server- ems39.your-freedom.de
Tweaks- India Bharati
Connection mode- DNS
Port- [recommended] or or or

* Use Default Internet Settings 

* Now Start connection, And Enjoy 

Daily Limit- 1 hour 

For Bypass Daily Limit:-

Open mobile settings-> Apps-> Your-freedom -> Clear Data 

* Download Xposed Installer- 

* Donkey Guard-

1) Open Xposed Installer, 

2) Click “Modules” And Allow Permission 
For Donkey Guard 

3) Now Open Donkey Guard 

4) Change User id/android id for Your-Freedom 

5) Create Fake Accounts in your-freedom and Put Your fake Id details in 
“Account Informations” 

6) Do Above Settings And Start Connection, 

7) Change FreeHost in Every Connection 

Do The Steps Again And Again, Enjoy Unlimited Usage 

For Increase Speed:-

Open Your-Freedom -> Shop ->
1 hour Trial, click “Buy Button”
In Last “Total”
Now you can access with Full 3G Speed.