Trickspro is back with another Tweaked unlimited 3G Trick With SlowDNS VPN with 4G Speed. Slowdns servers updated now. 
Airtel slowdns vpn trick
Airtel Unlimited 3G SlowDNS VPN trick

Steps to use SlowDNS VPN trick on Airtel

  • APN: (Settings» more settings» network settings» access point names» New)
  • Activate small 3G pack for better speed.(if speed drops)
  • Download and install SlowDNS VPN | Mirror
  • Put DNS IP – or or

  • If above DNS not works for you. 
  • You can find your respective dns in DroidVPN
  • Setting» General Settings» (enable) Debug logging.
  • Connect droid vpn. 
  • Now u can see Current DNS Gateway ip
  • You can Use that DNS ip on SlowDNS
  • Select any free server
  • Put your preferred DNS
  • Then Connect
  • if u see Authenticating (Open DNS)
  • speed varies 150-300 KBps
  • If you see server full error (try different server)

SlowDNS unlimited Usage Trick

  • If u see your daily limit reached
  • Then disconnect VPN
  • Uninstall SlowDNS
  • Filemanager: internal storage» android» DELETE playstor.srf and slowdns Folder.
  • Change your Android id
  • INSTALL any old version SlowDNS.(important)
  • It will get Connect.
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